In the mid-2000’s Grant felt the market was growing disproportionately. It felt to him like a secret discovery and he wanted to take advantage of it. Grant had no idea how to buy a home, so he began to take classes in real estate at the local community college across the street from his rented apartment. He already had a career in the library field so he was taking night classes, two per semester. Grant found learning something new to be invigorating. He was intrigued when he found out that after only a few classes he could take the salespersons license exam, so Grant began studying for it without any intention to use it. Grant is a bit of a certification nut and like collecting letters after my name.

It was about this time that Grant started his personal home search. Upon graduation, he had taken every class he could in real estate and still had the bug to learn more. It was a natural decision for him to begin working in the field, especially considering at about that time the library field started to experience a downturn. Grant finally bought his and also got a job in the real estate field.

After a couple learning years and having enjoyed the tech way to do real estate, Grant sought a brokerage with the same philosophy but that would allow him the freedom and autonomy to do business the way he thought most efficient and that would fit his personal style best. Grant is recognized as reliable, hard working, and can get the job done.