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Our listing process


How we choose to price your home isn't a shot in the dark. We do thorough research, create a custom strategy, and bring it to you to discuss a partnership.

Presenting your home

When it comes to remodeling, photographing, and staging your home, we want it to look the best possible. By the time our professional photographer and videographer show up at your door, we will make sure it is ready to impress the buyer market.

Marketing your home

We have a comprehensive marketing strategy designed specifically for your home to attract the right buyers. It is based on years of experience and trial and error has been completely eliminated. In addition we are always thoughtfully working on new innovative strategies and tools that keep up with the everchanging marketing world as it relates to ours.

Negotiate an offer

If you have ever negotiated anything you know it can be stressful, from a car to the next dinner date. We take that stress away from you and present your options and strategies with logic based on experience in the real estate market.

Escrow Guide

I am your Guide all the way through closing until you complete the sale and get paid. That means I'll help guide you through the appraisal and inspection, plus answer any questions you have along the way up until sale and payment. My team and I are available nonstop and will always be there to answer your needs.

Grant Inaba

TEam Leader, Good real estate team, san francisco bay area

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